Policy for organizing fundraising events

Organizing an event

This policy has been formulated to ensure a positive impact and to protect the reputation and integrity of the Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (LDT) Foundation and its members when third parties organize fundraising events. In the context of your commitment to organizing a fundraising event, the Foundation and its team ask that all people involved in organizing the event understand and respect the following conditions.

1) Organizers who wish to organize a fundraising event for the benefit of the LDT Foundation must fill out the form for organizing a fundraising fund for the benefit of the LDT Foundation. This form must be filled out at least four (4) weeks before the activity in question takes place. The LDT Foundation agrees to notify the organizers of the status of their submission within 14 days following receipt of the request.

2) The LDT Foundation bears no cost and assumes no liability associated with events held by a third party.
i) The organizers agree to make the request and to obtain all permits, licences, and insurance necessary for holding the event.
ii) The organizers also agree to fill out the Provisional Expenditures-Revenues sheet and send it to the LDT Foundation twenty (20) days before the event is to be held. Link :

3) All employees or volunteers at the event organized by a third party must be recruited by the organizers of the event.

i) The event organizers, employees, and volunteers must be clearly identified as volunteers and can under no circumstances identify themselves as employees or members of the LDT Foundation.

4) As per its confidentiality policy, the LDT Foundation does not share contact information for any of its donors with the organizers of events.

5) The LDT Foundation logo and visual cannot be used without the written consent of the Foundation. Their use without permission is strictly forbidden. All promotional items for the event bearing the name and/or logo of the Foundation must be approved before any such use by the organizers of the event.

i) The LDT Foundation has the only legal authority over use of the LDT Foundation name and logo to support fundraising events.

support fundraising events.
ii) The LDT Foundation reserves, at all times, the right to forbid the use of its name and/or logo.

iii) The organizers must maintain the highest quality standards for each use of the Foundation logo by complying with the graphic standards document presented by the LDT Foundation. This manual will be made available to organizers following approval for organization of the event.

6) The LDT Foundation never supports a third party that practises any form of discrimination against any individual or group based on sex, nationality, economic status, ethnicity, sexual identity, age, handicap, religion, or political affiliation or any other form of discrimination. Events held by third parties must comply with the standards of the code of ethics.

i) The Foundation reserves the right to withdraw its association with the event at any time if it deems that a form of discrimination is practised by the organizers, employees, or volunteers of the event.

7) Each event shall be supervised in order to ensure that the appropriate safety procedures are in place to ensure the safety and welfare of all participants.

i) The organizers of the event therefore agree to take the measures necessary to ensure that there is a form of security on site during the event.

8) The organizers acknowledge that the Foundation adheres to the policies in place for the issuing of donation receipts by the Canada Revenue Agency. The organizers may not issue charitable donation receipts for any donation or service without discussion with the Foundation prior to approval of the event.

i)Description of donation policy and issuance of receipts to be completed.

9) The organizers must plan to assume any possible costs related to fundraising through any funding platform.

10) The presence of Laurent Duvernay-Tardif cannot be guaranteed by the members of the Foundation.

i) The decision regarding the presence of Mr. Duvernay-Tardif will be entirely at the discretion of the Foundation team.

ii) The organizers therefore cannot count on the presence of Mr. Duvernay-Tardif for their event to be a success.

iii) Mr. Duvernay-Tardif reserves the right to withdraw his presence at any time.

11) We strongly encourage the organizers to orient their event in such a way as to support the Foundation’s mission as much as possible and promote it to the best of their capacity.

12) By accepting the terms and conditions established in this document, the organizers understand and accept liability for any claim related to the event.

13) In case of cancellation of the event, the organizers will communicate with the LDT Foundation before the planned holding of the event.

i) In no case can the LDT Foundation be held liable for cancellation of the event.

ii) The Foundation will not assume the costs of cancellation of the event.

By naming the LDT Foundation as beneficiary of an event organized by a third party, you are held responsible for remitting all profits (or an amount that is predetermined and approved by the Foundation) to the Foundation.

By signing this document, you agree that the LDT Foundation will receive a report of revenues and expenses and of the profits of the event within thirty (30) days following the holding of the event.

The organizers of the event indemnify and hold harmless the LDT Foundation and its entities, employees, volunteers, and directors for any claim arising in any way whatsoever from holding the fundraising event.