The Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Foundation encourages young people to get physically active and adopt healthy habits. Its goal is to promote the “active student” model, highlighting the importance of striking a balance between studies and sports.
65% of teenage girls
47% of teenage boys
do less than 60 minutes of sports activity per day*
source: Kino-Québec

And yet the positive effects of physical activity are well known *

source: INSPQ
Increases cardio-respiratory and cardiovascular capacity
Reduces long-term risk of heart disease, obesity and some types of cancer
Improves self-esteem
Alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety

The active student

As is the case for its founder, who is pursuing a career as a professional American football player while studying medicine, balance is the Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (LDT) Foundation’s core value.
The Foundation’s mission is to encourage teens to make physical activity part of their daily lives or pursue their athletic dream, and to emphasize the value of success at school. We believe that sport, like the arts or any other extracurricular activity, contributes to the development of youth and encourages them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
Promote an active, balanced lifestyle
Encourage teens to surpass themselves
Have an impact on their daily lives

LDT Sports Bus

The LDT Foundation puts on the road a unique "sports bus", which goes out to meet children across Quebec to offer turnkey multisport days.
I'm enrolling my Grade 6 class in the 2018 LDT Sports Bus Tour!
Registration 2018 tour dates
Especially outfitted to transport everything needed to present GET MOVING WITH LDT! events at schools, the bus is the symbol of the Foundation.

Its first tour, which runs from March 19 to June 19, 2018, is for Grade 6 students. In collaboration with the universities of Quebec, the Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Foundation will hold the GET MOVING WITH LDT! events on the sports facilities of these universities. More than 1000 kids will have the opportunity to participate in one or other of these events. To find out which schools have been selected, please visit our 2018 calendar of activities.
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Move with LDT!

Donations & sponsorships

An official donation receipt for income tax purposes will be issued for any donation over $20.00.
Help us get the LDT sports bus on the road! Thanks to your donations, the LDT Sports Bus travels across Quebec with sports equipment and staff essential to the animation of the GET MOVING WITH LDT! events. Your donations enable us to broaden the reach of our initiatives to motivate and inspire as many kids as possible to stay active and to surpass themselves.

Thanks to our partners

A cycling fundraiser!

The Cyclethon for Pediatrics × Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Foundation will take place on August 18th 2018

Thirty students from the University of Montreal Faculty of Medicine have decided to organize a fundraiser for the Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Foundation. This group of students will cycle between 150 and 300 kilometers in order to travel from Montreal to Gatineau and raise awareness for the Foundation’s mission. The Cyclethon for Pediatrics decided to associate itself with the LDT Foundation as its members identified with the Foundation’s values. By their involvement, they hope to help promote balance, fulfillment and healthy lifestyles in youth.

Make a donation to the Cyclethon and take part in the LDT Foundation’s development! An official tax receipt will be provided for all donations greater than $20.00.

A big thanks to the U of M Faculty of Medicine students for this great initiative.

2018 activities

The LDT Foundation organizes various sports events for young people.

About Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

His meteoric rise has been so remarkable that the Kansas City Star called him “the most interesting man in the NFL.”
And for good reason: not only does Laurent Duvernay-Tardif play for the Kansas City Chiefs, he is also studying medicine at McGill University. In May 2014, at age 26, the Mont-Saint-Hilaire native became the 10th Canadian—and first Quebecker in 15 years—to be drafted by an NFL team. Already very involved in his community, Laurent is driven by a desire to get young people excited about physical activity and promote healthy lifestyles. The LDT Foundation is a concrete way to give back to young people by organizing sports events at Quebec schools. With students becoming less and less active, and obesity rates rising, Laurent wants to have an impact on young people’s day-to-day lives, encouraging them to seek balance, which he values greatly, between sports and school.

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